Personas – UI/UX Design

Creating personas is an important part of the design process to help you to understand your end user and to shape your product. It helps to think about who your user is, what they like, or don’t like, what kind of experience they have using the technology and what their expectation might be from your technology/product. To find out more about personas click here. For me I find this very useful to keep focus on creating the product for the user and not just for me. I’ve decided to split the persona process up a bit  with the SMILE project. I’ve created three end users drawing from conversations I’ve had with people about older users and social media/technology. I’ve held off on creating more personas until I’ve conducted the semi-structured interviews as I feel the participants’ insights will be invaluable and I want to capture that in additional personas. And finally, I will create a project persona once I’ve analysed the methodology results. I’m very excited about this final persona as I’ve never created one for a product before but found the idea from Aarron Walter (MailChimp). I’ve spoke about his book, Designing for Emotion, in a previous post and one of the things I loved most was his phrase about moving design beyond human computer interaction towards human to human communication(1). I really love the idea of humanizing the project and giving it a personality to help the user better connect with it.

Today I’d like to share the three personas I have currently. Feel free to add feedback in the comments section below!

User Persona 1
User Persona 2
User Persona 3



[1] Walter, A. Designing for Emotion. A Book Apart, 2011.

*some images used in personas courtesy of www.freepik.com*


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